Move in All the Right Ways

By following a few helpful tricks, you can decrease the stress and anxiety associated with moving in the Tyler or Dallas area. As you prepare for your relocation, these tips can help you make light work of the task at hand:

  • Have all pre-packed boxes taped and stacked near your main door
  • Leave clothing in dressers; they will be shrink wrapped
  • Ensure all loose items are packed
  • Have someone at the destination to advise movers where to place items
  • Have yard decor packed and out of the way of the truck and movers
  • Ensure all electronics and appliances are disconnected and pack remote controls together
Moving doesn't have to be a chore. We can't wait to see what's next for you. Let the professional, reliable movers at Red Carpet Moving come along for the ride.

Moving to storage - Tyler, Longview or Dallas, TX

Here are just a few tips from our local movers to help you when putting your belongings into storage.

  • Refrigerator doors should be left open (helps prevent. from mold and unwanted odors.
  • Antique pieces should be protected with paper padding or blankets (shrink wrap these to the furniture for added protection)
  • Televisions or electronics it is not a good ideal to place these items in a non-climate control facility, if stored for more than 2 or more weeks could cause internal damage.
  • Food should never be stored in a storage facility
  • Flammable items such as gas, paints and paint thinners should never be stored in a storage facility

As a part of our on going commitment to you, we have put together a photo image (above) of some ideas we have found that will make your moving process a little easier. Labeling your furniture, boxes, doors and doorways prior to your move date, at your new home with painters tape (for furniture and doorways) is a fast and simple way to let your movers know where to place your furniture and boxes. Painters tape is harmless to furniture and walls. This is especially helpful if you have a large crew of movers or like a lot of new homeowners you have the cable guy, decorators, friends and family all present on the day of your move and you just don't have time focus solely on your movers. As always thank you for making us your premier moving company.....

At Red Carpet Moving Company, we strive to provide our customers a successful, stress-free and safe moving day. For these reasons, along with certain rules and regulations, there are a few items that our movers will not move.
We highly recommend speaking to your movers well in advance about the items that you are unsure of in order to avoid any confusion or conflict on your moving day. This way, you'll have plenty of time to make other arrangements.

Here is a list of items that our movers are not able to transport:

  • Any flammable, explosive or corrosive items: Some items in this category include propane, paint, car batteries, antifreeze, household cleaners, weed killer, and ammunition. Federal law prohibits the transportation of these items, so under no circumstances will it be moved.
  • Gasoline-filled engines or machines: Any items that run on gasoline must be emptied prior to move day. Items such as lawnmowers, grills, tractors or mopeds must be completely empty in order for movers to transport them.
  • Any living thing: In order to ensure the safety and well-being of your plants and animals, we do not transport any type of plant or pet, including potted plants.
  • Perishable foods: We have banned food from our trucks to prevent rotting, spoiling or producing odors in the truck.
  • Sensitive or sentimental: Items such as cash, jewelry, insurance papers or birth certificates.
  • Prescription drugs: We do not move prescriptions to prevent any emergencies where you may need to access these medications.

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