Piano Movers in Dallas, Tyler, Longview, Athens & Nacogdoches, TX

Piano Movers in Dallas, Tyler, Longview, Athens & Nacogdoches, TX

Moving your piano can be quite the task. Not just because of the delicate nature of the instrument, but because it's something that's extremely dear and valuable to you. As seasoned professional piano movers in East Texas, and its boroughs like Dallas, Tyler, Longview, Athens & Nacogdoches we understand the importance of securing your piano, ensuring that your piano is not scratch and damage-free, and most importantly, transporting and storing it up for you in our world class climate controlled storage facilities.

Most people naturally assume that moving their piano is something they can do themselves. This is not true. Moving your piano whether from one room to the other or from one borough to another will most likely damage the piano, no matter how careful you are. This is because pianos, no matter how small or huge -we're talking small upright or grand pianos- are generally fragile. A sudden drop or hit, and it could get damaged, thus costing you more money for repairs. This is why you need us at Red Carpet Moving to take care of that for you. Our seasoned and highly experienced piano moving technicians will move your piano effectively. We know that your piano is your baby, so we treat it as such. Our professional piano movers can move your piano to and from anywhere in Tyler, Longview, Dallas, Athens & Nacogdoches. Our moving professionals are very well trained and highly experienced in all the moving procedures. They can disassemble -if necessary- your piano without any damage whatsoever, transfer the piano from the old location and more importantly, assemble it just as perfectly as it was before it was moved. You probably wouldn't find a better piano mover in East Texas.

Piano Storage in Tyler, Dallas, Longview, Athens & Nacogdoches

With over 12 years in the business of moving, pianos, we also store pianos in our storage facilities. This can become important if you're renovating the home, moving elsewhere and want to have it stored for transportation later on, are fumigating your home and removing mold or even repainting the home, you can leave it with us without any worries. These storage facilities are climate controlled and guaranteed to keep your piano stored at the appropriate temperature and moisture without any damages. As a company, Red Carpet Moving is completely licensed and hugely insured. Therefore, in the very rare event that anything happens to your piano while in transit or in our custody, you can be sure that we'll be able to take care of it. Not to worry however, were pretty good at what we do, so nothing will happen to your beloved piano.

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